10 Benefits of Joining The Chrisfluencer Network

10 Benefits of Joining The Chrisfluencer Network

10 Benefits of Joining The Chrisfluencer Network
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Lone blogging is one of the fastest ways to kill your morale and passion. For us as Christian creatives, it is harder because we are already being marginalized because we talk about God. What best way to start than to join a community? In this post, I’ll be sharing some benefits of joining The Christfluencer Network.

Some of the results we desire as creatives are:

  • To let people know that our blogs exist.
  • To build engagement
  • To have an actual impact
  • To monetize

Joining a blogging community is the fastest way to grow as a creative. More so, as a Christian influencer, communities such as The Christfluencer Network is the perfect community for you to learn and grow with other like-minded creatives.

Here are the 10 benefits of joining The Chrisfluencer Network:

  1. To help you solve lots of blogging and content creation quarries
  2. To have a chance to learn and grow together with other Christfluencers. Because there are differnt Christian Niche creatives in TCN, it is easy to improve your skills and learn from different people.
  3. To build friendships and networking. As a memeber of the TCN community networking with fellow Christfluencers and bloggers of the same niche as you, It is very natural to develop friendships and deep relationships. Sometimes, your friends in the blogging community will contribute posts to your blog. You too can write for them. They will also share your content on their social media platforms, etc.
  4. To collaborate. It is easier to find fellow bloggers to collaborate with when you belong to the same community than approaching a random stranger. I never had a blogger buddy when I started out, which was a major struggle, but with a community, you can find like-minded people to work with. This can come with monetery benefits sometimes, other times, blogging buddies are always there to share tips and criticism that will improve your skills.
  5. To improve your ranking on search engines. This is known as search engine optimization (SEO). As you Build connections with fellow christfluencers in the community, you can encourage them to link your posts with each other. these Inbound and outbound links helps to boost traffic to your website. It will also help you improve your ranking as link building is integral to SEO.
  6. Increased traffic. As you get high ranking on google, it means more people will find your blogs, hence, more readership. Also, your community memebers can also promote your blog by sharing on their social media sites as well.
  7. Monetization. Aside from impacting our world with the gospel, one other important benefit one could get from joining TCN is increased revenue. The moment you grow your online presence and increase your traffic, chances are that you will be able to begin to earn from your blog. Also, being a part of TCN will help you raise your credibility which will help you make money by partnering with recognized companies and organizations.
  8. Participate in Blogging Campaigns. every now and then, brands seek out bloggers for campaigns and one of the fastest way of finding them is by reaching out to blogger or influencer communities. As a member of TCN, you stand a chance to participate in campaigns, which is another way of earning revenue from your blog.
  9. Access to exclusive TCN events. Events are one of the best ways to put yourself out there, and truly have a one-on-one meeting with members of the community who are just online acqquiantances. Furthermore, most of these events are strategically design for learning something and in some case sponsored, so it is usually very beneficial to a creative and an opportunity to create content too.
  10. Establish your Status. Being part of an impactful community like TCN boosts your social presence as there is so much to be proud of; from your personal growth and achievemnts to group successes. It will increase your morale as a blogger and will elevate your status.

In conclusion, the saying, “no man is an island” is true. Even God saw that Adam was alone and so He made Eve. We are not meant to achieve our goals on our own. Yes, we will be the driving force individually, but with other people on your side, you win easier and faster.

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