Must I Preach To Be Effective As A Christfluencer?

Must I Preach To Be Effective As A Christfluencer?

This is a question that I struggled with when I decided to start creating faith-based content, “Must I Preach To Be Effective As A Christfluencer?”

I was reluctant to shift from my comfort zone (fashion, beauty & lifestyle). I was afraid I will lose followers (which I did, but if you read this post, you will understand why that doesn’t matter to me anymore), I didn’t know how and where to start, etc. More so, I’ve never wanted to be a pastor… so it was a huge struggle.

Guess what?

The holy spirit reminded me that, “by their fruits, we shall know them”. Also, they that worship God, must worship him in spirit and in truth.

The reality for us Christian creatives is that we are here (on the internet)

  1. to show forth His praise.
  2. to demonstrate the character of the Holy Spirit
  3. to manifest his power and might
  4. to spread his glory (we carry his presence in us)
  5. to testify of his love, goodness and power

Nothing beats people seeing Christ in you. This means your character and lifestyle. The choices you make, the way you carry yourself, your choice of words, the discussions you choose to have, etc. You do not have to be on a pulpit or an alter to demonstrate “Christ in you”.

This is why here at The Chrsitfluencer Network, we are promoters of Christian lifestyle blogging and influencing. People are daily loaded with messages from various preachers and evangelists, now is the time to creatively show people through Christfluencing, what it actually takes to be a Christian.

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