Who Is A Christfluencer?

Who Is A Christfluencer?

Who Is A Christfluencer?

Who Is A Christfluencer?
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Who is a Christfluencer? Before answering that, I’d start by pointing out that becoming an influencer has become very trendy in the past 5 to 7 years. People have gone from making jest of bloggers and social media influencers to trying so had to become one. Millions of businesses around the world have a budget for influencers and many influencers have transitioned from part-time to full-time influencers.

However, this trend has also somewhat become a menace to God’s kingdom as many people are willing to do anything to become famous and make money from social media. From pretending they are not saved to accepting or supporting some things God abhors in the name of being “woke”. Many people are either afraid of or ashamed to let people know they believe in God for fear of sounding too religious or losing brand deals. These problems are what led to the launch of The Chrisfluencer network.

Who is a Christfluencer?

A Christfluencer is simply a Christian who is an influencer and who intentionally makes room for the expression of their Christian faith in creating content. A christfluencer can be a personal blogger or a general resource blog for Christians.

Christfluencing is needed now more than ever because

  1. we are in the last hours of the church age before the coming of Christ. We need to explore online evangelism more than ever.
  2. The internet is filled with strategic media which followers of satan and unbelievers, knowingly/unknowingly use to propagate lots of satanic agendas. Now is time for Christians who are creatives to also use their platforms (blogging, Youtube & social media) to influence their world for the kingdom.
  3. We have a mandate to go into the world and preach the gospel. How then can you influence your world with everything else aside from the most important one – the gospel?

So, if you are a creative and a Christian as well, I will encourage you to make room for God in your influencing work today.

Follow this link to join The Christfluencer Network today.

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