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The world is filled with loads of media targetted towards leading people away from God. Be that influencer with a mission to drive more people back to God - as one man.


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10 Benefits of Joining The Chrisfluencer Network

Lone blogging is one of the fastest ways to kill your morale and passion. For us as Christian creatives, it is harder because we are already being marginalized because we talk about God. What best way to start than to join a community? In this post, I’ll be sharing some benefits of joining The Christfluencer

Must I Preach To Be Effective As A Christfluencer?

This is a question that I struggled with when I decided to start creating faith-based content, “Must I Preach To Be Effective As A Christfluencer?” I was reluctant to shift from my comfort zone (fashion, beauty & lifestyle). I was afraid I will lose followers (which I did, but if you read this post, you

What Does It Take To Become A Christfluencer?
What Does It Take To Become A Christfluencer?

For many, especially newbie bloggers and creatives, their biggest challenge will be figuring out what it takes to be a Christfluencer. This is the starting point. Understanding what your are about to venture into will give you a guideline to further create an impactful Christian brand. I’ll help you de-mystify it… What Does It Take